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Joseph and his wife, Kristi, didn’t set out to start a business. In fact, when asked, they’ll tell you that being a business owner wasn’t really something they felt called to do. They were more focused on raising a family and doing their best to give back to their community.

Joseph’s experience as a Civil Engineer made him more than a little bit experienced with a hammer and tools, and by family members from both sides being in the insurance and construction industry, they had access to a bit more knowledge than the average person, and between family members and industry experts, they noticed a common trend that seemed to keep showing up more and more. Despite claims of experience, many roofers lack the technical knowledge to properly install a roof and be able to help the homeowners navigate the insurance claim process when possible.

Kristi, a registered neonatal nurse, she knew the severity of health-related issue that could be caused by improper installations. Including, respiratory infections caused by mold due to water damage from improperly installed roofs. She knew something had to be done, so with the help of Joseph, they decided to create something different.

Positive Impact Roofing goes beyond standard roof installation and repair and takes each house as an individual case. With their years of experience in the industry, including more than 30 combined years of experience, they can develop a specialized plan of attack for any roofing related problem you face.

So, now Joseph and Kristi are business owners who hope to change the industry they are a part of. They’ve created a company that goes deeper than roofing and looks to help families.

They’re now in a position where they work with each home owner to do their part to create a positive impact.

Let Positive Impact Roofing help you with your next roof!